Countdown to Atlanta Carnival . May 26th, 2018


For 2018 WKT MAS presents to you the “FEEL GOOD,” Euphoric Experience, Delirium! It’s more than carnival it’s a science!!

Come one come all and join us as we sprinkle endorphins into the atmosphere on Carnival Saturday. Elation, passion, frenzy not forgetting Wild excitement! The Catalyst? As a kinfolk of revelers march down the streets under the overpowering sun, dancing to the beat, letting go of all destruction and challenges, this is your moment, this is your time, we celebrate you!

What great joy it brings to the universe when all is in sync! What happiness lies ahead. When the stars are aligned we let go and express that feeling, the great feeling of joy, ecstasy and euphoria. The highs of life are celebrated blissfully in 2018, NO EXCUSES. Let’s celebrate life, let’s celebrate love, let’s celebrate peace! What’s your wild excitement?